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Williams & Humbert Don Guido Solera Especial PX 37.5cl

SKU: 42478
In a league of its own, Williams & Humbert Pedro Ximenez is in a Fine Wine class of its own. Concentrated and sweet, it's an eye-opener and falls firmly into the 'must try' category of great wines. Because you need so little, it's also great value.
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    Pedro Ximenez
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    Dense and super rich, this phenomenal, mahogany coloured 20 year old Pedro Ximenez (PX) is so sumptuous with raisins, figs and concentrated Christmas pudding flavours. The sticky, opulent finish goes on and on. Trying PX for the first time is a revelation and one which your dinner party guests will be blown away with. An unforgettable wine and one which you will want to keep on hand in the fridge.


    Legends say that Pedro Ximenez originated from the Canary Islands or Madiera before being brought to Spain by a Spanish soldier called Pedro Ximen or possibly by a catholic cardinal called Ximenes. However, more recent DNA analysis indicates that it was an offspring of the Arabic grape variety 'Gibi', grown in Southern France and possibly introduced to Andalucia by the Moors. Pedro Ximenez was one of the first grape varieties used to make (sweet) wine in Australia, with records indicating that it was imported there in the early 19th century.

    Williams and Humbert 'Don Guido Pedro Ximenez Solera Especial 20 Anos' is aged for a minimum of 20 years. The process for making this super-rich, fine fortified wine starts with the drying of the grapes in the sun for 15 days. This concentrates the sugars before fermentation and transfer to oak barrels where it is fortified and aged using the 'Solera' system where the juice is filtered and transferred by gravity from one barrel to another. These oak barrels absorb and take on much of the sweet, rich characteristics of the sherry and, once they are finished with at the winery, are shipped to Scotland where they are widely used to mature single malt whisky.

    Ideal with...

    Magnificent with desserts and poured over a good vanilla ice-cream, it is sublime. Serve sparingly and well chilled - you do not need a lot of this fine PX to satisfy.

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