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About Urlar Wine

New Zealand has always been synonymous with Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. When Kevin Judd created the iconic Cloudy Bay he put New Zealand well and truly on the wine map.

Angus and Davina Thomson left their home in Aberfeldy in Perhshire, Scotland in 2005 and emigrated to New Zealand, after an uncle left Angus a parcel of land in Gladstone, Wairarapa, on the North Island. Here they founded Urlar.

The name Urlar is very close to Angus and Davina’s hearts. Not only is it the name of the place where Angus used to play as a child, but is also a Gaelic word that means “the Earth”. Urlar uses organic and biodynamic principles to make stunning single vineyard wines.

Biodynamics is about giving life back to the soil, and Urlar manages their vineyard as a balanced sustainable farm by organically recycling through composts and liquid manures and increasing plant bio diversity, and using the biodynamic calendar where possible. For example, feeding the vines when the moon is full means that the vines are more active, and more moisture is pulled towards the surface, while the wines are racked when the moon wanes, ensuring that all the goodness and flavours of the wine are retained and not lost to the atmosphere.

Angus has a small herd of Highland cows, not just because of his Scottish heritage, but because they are a fundamental part of the Urlar team. Their manure is used in the biodynamic process, put into a cow’s horn and buried below ground and left during the winter months. This is known as Preparation 500, and is dug up in the spring and spread throughout the vineyard, enriching the soil.

Angus and Davina’s love and care of their vines is only too apparent in the wonderful wines that they make, along with the expert knowledge of Winemaker and Viticulturist Guy McMaster, previously the assistant winemaker at Escarpment Wines in Martinborough. Their wines have won critical acclaim and numerous awards, and the Pinot Noir has been chosen for both Air New Zealand’s First Class passenger wine list, and Cunard’s luxury cruise ships.

Winestore is proud to be Urlar’s principal distributor in Scotland and online (thanks in the main to Angus’ parents, who introduced us to Urlar), and as such, we believe we have the best pricing in the UK for their full range of wines.

The Sauvignon Blanc is a wonderful wine that is as sophisticated as a Pouilly Fume or a Sancerre, The Pinot Noir, if it was sporting a label from that most famous of all Pinot Noir regions, Burgundy, would easily command twice or three times the price, and their Riesling and Pinot Gris are simply among the best we’ve ever tasted.

Add to all of this the fact that Urlar’s wines are all organic, biodynamic, and totally sustainable, Angus and Davina Thomson have done what many before them have tried and failed – Made fabulous wines that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Do not miss out!


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