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Ruggeri Prosecco Argeo DOC NV 75cl

SKU: 42136
This is one of our favourite Proseccos from a great producer, Ruggeri. Elegant, classy and very typically Prosecco, without any pretence of being like champagne!
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    Pale straw colour with big bubbles and a fresh, racy nose of green apples and kiwi fruit. The palate is similar with Granny Smith apple flavours, a crisp, zesty acidity with real elegance which carries through to the long finish. A big step up on other Proseccos without trying to be anything else.


    A winery that is held in the highest regard by wine critics and the wine trade generally, Ruggeri also produce what has to be the best Prosecco there is, called Giustino, named after the Giustino Bisol who founded Ruggeri in 1950. Still a family winery, it is now run by Giustino's son, Luigi Bisol, and his children Giustino and Isabella. With over 100 different growers, all carefully selected, the majority of the grapes grown are the 'Glera' variety, which is also known as Prosecco.

    Argeo is made with 95% Glera with a very small amount of Perera (3%) and Verdiso (2%) which are grown on the hills below the Dolomite mountains in North East Italy. Harvesting takes place in the second half of September and the grapes are vinified at a controlled temperature of 18 degrees before slow fermentation in large stainless steel tanks. Nowadays, technology plays a big part in the success of Ruggeri's operation with nothing left to chance. This, together with the skill of the winemaker, the best grapes and a passion to produce the best, are the reasons Argeo is such a great Prosecco. In a market where inferior, cheap Prosecco is readily available, Ruggeri are committed to quality, whilst retaining what Prosecco should be, through Argeo.

    Ideal with...

    Served at 5-7 degrees, Argeo excels on its own just as a great glass of fizz with friends. Food wise, stick to fish and seafood, simply prepared with olive oil, a squeeze of fresh lemon and maybe dill or a basil pesto, both of which bring out different notes in the Prosecco.

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