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Ruggeri Prosecco Quartese DOCG NV 75cl

SKU: 42137
This is a really elegant Prosecco with tiny bubbles and a very refined palette. With Ruggeri rated as the best Prosecco producer, their wines are not to be missed.
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    Pale gold with a persistent fine mousse, the nose is elegant with sweet apples and floral notes. The pallet is soft and rounded with the fruit apparent, though very fine and lingering into a long finish.


    Prosecco used to be the name of the village bordering Slovenia where this famous sparkling wine was made. Formerly known as Prossecho, it is now a superb of the province, city and port of Trieste which lies at the northernmost part of the Adriatic. Giustino Bisol founded Ruggeri in 1950 and it remains a family winery, run by Giustino's son, Luigi Bisol, and his children Giustino and Isabella. With over 100 different growers, all carefully selected, the majority of the grapes grown are the Prosecco variety, which is now also known as 'Glera'.

    Prosecco gets its sparkle by slowly fermenting it in large sealed tanks which are under enormous pressure as the juice ferments and emits carbon dioxide, which infuses into the wine. This is done at a controlled temperature to ensure that the right amount of pressure is achieved and the sparkling wine is then bottled under pressure to create Prosecco. This is know as the 'Charmat' method. Ruggeri's Quartese Prosecco is made with Glera grapes with a small amount of Verdiso and Perera which add complexity and character to the wine and both of which are native this area.

    Ideal with...

    Poached fish, warm salads and cold meats all work well with this Prosecco. Served on its own, it is obvious that it is more sophisticated and refined and a BIG step up on most other Proseccos.

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