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Ruggeri Prosecco Superiore Riserva Giustino DOCG 2014 75cl

SKU: 42138
This is, quite simply, the best Prosecco there is (in our humble opinion). And at the price of an entry-level champagne, it is a steal.
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    We were introduced to this fine Prosecco by one of our customers who has a penchant for the finer things in life. When we tried it, we were completely blown away - we had no idea that Prosecco could get as good as this. It is bright straw yellow with a nose of white flowers and sweet citrus leading into freshly baked bread. The mousse is much finer than other Proseccos with a plethora of flavours which include rich green apples and apricots, though rather like the megapixels on a top of the range camera, there are lots of them and they are clean, crisp and focussed. The finish is succulent and persistent. Without equal, this Prosecco is absolute class.


    A wine that is held in the highest regard by wine critic, Robert Parker, Giustino is Ruggeri's top Prosecco, with the 2013 vintage scoring an impressive 92 points. It is named after the Giustino Bisol who founded Ruggeri in 1950. As a family winery, Ruggeri is now run by Giustino's son, Luigi Bisol, and his children Giustino and Isabella.

    Giustino is made with 100% Glera (the official name for the Prosecco grape) which is grown on the ridges of the hills below the Dolomite mountains in North East Italy. From the small are of Valdobbiadene, this is a DOCG wine, Italy's top classification which stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. This is a government controlled system to guarantee the quality of a wine. Unlike any other systems, a wine cannot use the classification until the wine has been tasted and analysed by a government appointed agent. Individually numbered neck tags are then issued for the winery to put around or across the neck when the wine is bottled.

    Ideal with...

    This Prosecco cries out for good canapes, lightly spiced Asian food and pesto salads, fish and seafood. Serve well-chilled and notice how the flavours develop as it warms up slightly in the glass. Frankly, anyone who likes Prosecco should most definitely try this.

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