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40th Birthday

What better gift for a wine lover than a 40th birthday wine? We go to great lengths to source good wines from special vintages, though often they are hard to come by and we will only list a birthday wine (or any other wine for that matter) if the appearance and condition look sound.

For any wine that’s forty years old, condition is all important with colour, level and the state of the foil being of paramount importance and provenance (which can difficult to validate for a vintage wine from forty years ago) also to be considered. The presence of a recent tasting note is the ultimate guide of course and often wine critics will offer a comprehensive tasting note accompanied by a drinking period which can be anything up to 60 or even 70 years. For those who prefer a sweeter tipple on their birthday, a 40 year old Sauternes, Vin Santo or other dessert wine is the ultimate birthday treat as these tend to age better because of their higher sugar content. Vintage port is also a safe choice though 40 year old port is difficult to find in all vintages since vintage port only tends to be made in the better vintages.

Don’t be too concerned with the condition of the label. With forty years in a damp wine cellar, the label can deteriorate, whilst the wine in the bottle is still in top condition. As mentioned, the colour and level are far more important as a guide. Chosen carefully, a wine from your year of birth is special and the right 40 year old wine will be remembered forever.

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