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Samos Nectar Muscat Petits Grains 1975 75cl

SKU: 41963
What a find! Deep amber colour, sun-drenched raisins with hints of walnuts on the nose and a smoky sweet finish, this is a big, sticky fine dessert wine that will stand up to any dessert including baklava. This would make a great gift... for sharing!
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    Pristine. Because of their higher sugar content, vin doux such as these tend to keep exceptionally well.


    Samos Nectar is made by the Union of Vinicultural Co-operatives, founded in 1934, on the Greek island of Samos, just off the Turkish coast. A world heritage site, Samos was in ancient times, a powerful city-state known for its fine vineyards and wines. Formerly part of the Ottoman empire, it joined Greece in 1912. It is also the birth place of Greek mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras and astronomer, Aristarchus who was the first person to propose that the earth revolves around the sun.

    Samos is an 'appelation' in its own right and Nectar is the oldest in their range of amazing wines. Made with 100% Muscat Petits Grains, which are grown in tiered vineyards on the side of Mount Ambelos, yields are kept deliberately low to ensure the highest quality of grapes. Its deep amber colour is in keeping with its powerful presence, with rich marmalade, macaroon and walnut flavours and a huge finish which goes on and on. This is an unctuous dessert wine which goes a long way.

    Our Views

    Wines like this are as rare as hen's teeth. Without doubt, it is one of our finest 1975 wines and for a lover of dessert wines, there is no parallel. Very competitivly priced too, you would expect to pay this price for a half-bottle.

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