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Borforgalmi Tokaji Szamorodni 1959 50cl

SKU: 41257
Very rare Tokaji probably made from Furmint and Harslevelu grapes, these wines are very long-lived and are in excellent condition for their age.
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    Excellent with levels at the base of the neck, good labels and capsules.


    Most Tokaji is produced using the Aszu method - similar to Sauternes, using grapes affected by the noble-rot, Botrytis, and classified in order of sweetness ascending from 1 (dry) to 7 (super sweet). France's King Louis XV who declared Tokaji "The King of Wines and The Wine of Kings!"

    Szamorodni is a different method, where healthy grapes are late harvested, yielding high natural sugar content, fermented to either "Edes" (sweet) or "Szaraz" (dry) and then typically barrel aged for many years.

    Our Views

    The higher amount of sugar in Tokaji wines make them a safer bet than reds. Given the vintage and its condition, this bottle has all the promise of being a very special wine and is very well-priced.

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