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Borgogno Barolo 1980 75cl

SKU: 42014
Still making great wines today, Borgogno make superb wines. Barolos age really well and these bottles were well cellared, are in great condition and would make an excellent gift.
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    Excellent levels and good labels.


    Barolo, along with Brunello and Amarone, is considered to be one of Italy's greatest wines. Made from the Nebbiolo grape, it is aged in oak barrels with the Riservas benefitting from at least 5 years ageing in barrel. They age astonishingly well though do tend to throw a sediment and should really be decanted before serving. The ageing process tends to soften the tannins and mellow the fruits and 'tariness' of the wine which becomes more brick-red in colour.

    Borgono have been around since 1761 and have made their wines in the same way for decades with only minor enhancements to their techniques over the years. They remain true to their values to produce clean, natural wines with no interference through the addition of yeasts, enzimes or proteins. This results in magnificent, full-bodied wines which express the different climatic conditions from one year to the next.

    Our Views

    Given the vintage and excellent condition of the wine, we have no hesitation in recommending this Barolo.

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