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Borsai Miklos Pinceibol Tokaji Aszu 2 Putts 1920 50cl

SKU: 42571
Nearly a century old, this 1920 vintage wine is in remarkable condition. Tokaji is very long lived and this bottle should be a delight for whoever is lucky enough to drink it.
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    Nearly 100 years old, this 1920 vintage Tokaji is in remarkable condition. The level is at 7.5cm from the base of the cork, which, bearing in mind that the neck is long and quite thin, is very good. The label too is in great condition with all details clearly legible.


    A wine for kings and queens, Tokaji or Tokay as it was named in France, was served at the royal court at the Palace of Versaille. Actually, Louis XV served it to his mistress Madame de Pompadour calling in the ‘Wine of Kings and King of Wines’, a saying still used to market it today. After the second world war when Hungary became part of the Soviet empire, the bottling and distribution was done by a state owned organisation, though production stayed with the 6,000 or so small producers. Today there are a number of independent wineries, though a state owned producer still handles around 20% of the wines made.

    Because of its high levels of sugar, Tokaji has the longest cellaring potential of any wine. The levels of sugar are indicated by the number of ‘puttonyos’ on the bottle. For the traditional wine, known as Aszu, this ranges from 1 to 6 puttonyos, with 6 being the highest. Above this, sits the most highly prized classification, Eszencia.

    Our Views

    1920 vintage wine in this good a condition is a rare treat. It would be an excellent gift or an amazing bottle to celebrate a special event.

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