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Franz Karl Schmitt Niersteiner Kranzenberg Christwein Eiswein 1970 75cl

SKU: 48883
As rare as it gets, Christwein Eiswein is perhaps Germany's greatest dessert wine and is so named as the grapes can only be harvested on Christmas Eve.
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    Excellent levels and good, clean labels.


    Made with Riesling grapes, the translation of auslese is 'selected harvest', meaning specially selected bunches of ripe grapes. Generally, auslese grapes have the potential for more richness and intensity than other grapes. The grapes are picked from selected very ripe bunches in the autumn (late November-early December) and have to be hand-picked. Generally Auslese wine can be made in only the best harvest years that have been sufficiently warm and with Christwein only being from grapes harvested on Christmas Eve, these wines are both extremely rare and very highly regarded.

    This is a wine that can be enjoyed on its own or as a dessert wine, though it is likely to overwhelm any dessert in terms of its sheer finesse and drinking pleasure.

    Our Views

    Because of the higher sugar content, dessert wines age well and are a safe choice and as a gift for a wine lover, are unsurpassed. This Eiswein is one of THE great wines in the world and at auction, can fetch eye-watering prices.

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