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Grandes Reserves du Chapon Fin Barsac 1928 70cl

SKU: 41283
A dessert wine from Barsac (Sauternes). As a vintage, 1928 was one of the best for these wines.
Price / kg:
  • Country
  • Grape Variety
    White Blend
  • Colour
  • Drink Style
  • Region Area
    Bordeaux : Barsac
  • Condition

    Excellent, with the level at the base of the neck and a really good label for the age of the wine. Professionally recorked and rewaxed in 2015.


    Barsac is situated within Sauternes in Bordeaux with the wines from there sometimes called Sauternes. The wines are made with Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle grapes that are left on the vines to over-ripen. They are infected by a fungus called Botrytis which gives them their unique characteristics, though this is a precarious winemaking process since the balance has to be perfect. Botrytis is called 'noble rot' and the last thing the winery want is any other type of rot!

    One of the most expensive and best wines in the world, Chateau d'Yquem, comes from Sauternes. Yquem is a lesson in how hard this wine is to make. As the best Sauternes, a vintage is not always declared and in those years that it is made, the process is laborious with the grapes harvested by hand. Sometimes the pickers (who are employed all year-round) will return to the same vine up to seven times to ensure the grapes are at the peak condition and will even pick individual grapes. 1928 was one of the best vintages of the century for Sauternes, with a bottle of Chateau d'Yquem costing around eight times the price of this Barsac.

    Our Views

    As 1928 vintage wines go, this one's a cracker. Whilst a sweet wine, the ambre appearance suggests that it with be rich with toasted nuts and dried fruit flavours.

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