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PG Mascarello Barbaresco 1980 72cl

SKU: 51043
A 1980 vintage Barbaresco in fabulous condition. A real delight for a fan of these classic Italian wines, it would make a very special gift.
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    Piemonte - Barbaresco
  • Condition

    Excellent with levels at the base of the neck and good labels.


    As with Barolo, Barbaresco is made with the Nebbiolo grape and the two wines are often compared, though there are distinct differences with Barbaresco usually being less tannic though similar in body and weight of fruit. The wines must be aged for at least two years, one year of which will be in oak barrel. Because they are so tannic when young, they need to be aged for at least 5 - 10 years before drinking, though will happily cellar far beyond this.

    The typical style of a Barbaresco has bouquets of roses or violets with flavour notes of cherry, truffles, fennel and liquorice. As the wine ages, it can develop smoky notes and more earthy flavours with notes of leather and tar.

    Our Views

    Along with Barolo, Barbaresco is one of Italy's iconic wines and is up there with Brunello and Amarone. A real treat for any lover of the traditional great Italian wines and a fabulous birthday or anniversary gift.

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