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Pieroth 'Varhegy-Burgberg' Blauer Spatburgunder Ausbruch 1989 75cl

SKU: 50828
An unusual 1989 red dessert wine from Hungary made by the well-known German producer, Pieroth.
Price / kg:
  • Country
  • Grape Variety
    Pinot Noir (Pinot Nero)
  • Colour
  • ABV
  • Drink Style
  • Region Area
  • Condition

    Excellent - nearly pristine


    Hungarian Pinot Noir, Ausbruch is a style of sweet wine generally made from grapes affected by Botrytis Cinerea (the noble rot). In Germany, the Spätburgunder is to red wine what the Riesling is to white wine: the cream of the crop. In fact, the German name for Pinot Noir is Spätburgunder - late (spät) ripening pinot (burgunder) - no doubt derived from Burgundy where the world's best, and most expensive Pinot Noirs are from.

    Our Views

    Always the safest bet, vintage dessert wines make gifts. Their higher sugar content makes them longer-lived and easier to store than their drier counterparts, usually making them more expensive (though this wine is very well-priced).

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