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Urlar Pinot Gris 2016 75cl

SKU: 41000
Perhaps our favourite of the superb range from Urlar, the Pinot Gris is opulent, soft and very rounded. We sometimes compare the flavours of wines to pixels in pictures, and Urlar Pinot Gris is clean, well defined and complex a real masterpiece.
Price / kg:
  • Country
    New Zealand
  • Grape Variety
    Pinot Grigio (Pinot Gris)
  • Colour
  • ABV
  • Drink Style
  • More Features
    Organic, BioDynamic, Sustainable
  • Region Area
  • Tasting Notes

    Unctuous and full with honeysuckle and pears on the nose, leading to delicious creamy mouthful with layers of peaches and other stone fruit. Refined and delicate, it leaves a really clean long finish reminiscent of bread & butter pudding or clafouti (though not sweet).


    Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio has long been associated with Italian wine and is today one of the mostly widely sold varieties. New World Pinot Gris is a relatively new arrival to the wine scene and with the right 'terroir' and climate and of course a great winemaker, the results can be astonishing. Usually fuller and far more complex, they should not be confused with the more acidic Pinot Grigios that still flood the market.

    The attention to details with Urlar Pinot Gris starts from the vineyard to the bottling. Harvesting takes place early in the morning whilst it is cool and the grapes are firm. This avoids damaging and bruising the grapes. They are then gently pressed in whole bunches and only the juice from this light pressing is used. Careful stirring and 12 months barrel ageing then improves the complexity of the wine and gives it good weight and texture.

    Ideal with...

    Lightly spiced Thai-style food works really well with Urlar Pinot Gris as does confit of belly pork, gratin dauphinoise and even fish and chips. It is also really good as an aperitif or pre-dinner wine.

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